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Throw an Eclipse Party!

Hiya Dolls!

Looking for an excuse to plan a gathering? Feeling an itch for festivity? How about throwing an eclipse party? (Aren’t we all looking for a reason to throw a party on a Monday morning?) The total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most of us, and there’s just no reason not to celebrate it. No matter where you live, something very special is going to happen in the sky between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.  Here in the Circle City, the darkest time will be around 1:15. You’ve got to eat lunch anyway, so, as long as you’ve got a group gathered, you might as well serve something stylish, delish and cleverly lunar-themed! (Plus, we’ll all look sooooo fabulous in those little cardboard sunglasses!)

Here are the Maven’s suggestions for the perfect Eclipse Party:



“Crescent Moon” Chicken Salad Sandwichesstars and moon crudite“Galaxy” Crudite Skewers

gazpacho shooters

Gazpacho “Shooters”

star fruit-crop“Stellar” Tropical Fruit Salad


black and white cookies“Half Moon” Cookies

Blackout cocktail photo

“Blackout” Cocktail


wfyi cu maven and jill-cropIt’s certainly easy enough to find solar-themed décor for your buffet… grab a piece of shiny silver fabric, sprinkle some sun and moon glitter and you’re all set! (A simple black and white theme would work as well.) For flowers, I would choose all white. And don’t forget candles… it’s obviously going to get dark!

maven eclipse glasses

And, of course, darlings, we must all protect our beautiful eyes! Here’s a link to order those oh-so-stylish eclipse viewing glasses. Make sure you have enough for all of your guests!

Happy Viewing! May your party be stellar and eclipsed by none!

‘Til next time…

The Maven











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